The Chronicles of the Shadowworlds

Welcome to the Shadowworlds


What's this?

On this page I'd like to create a story piece by piece. For years I have been writing short storys and pieces from time to time. On this page I plan to get the pieces together and give others the opportunity to take part in the creation of the story and to influence the direction it will take.

What are the Shadowworlds?

The Idea behind the Shadowworlds is, that there are a lot of other worlds, parallel to our own. These worlds lie in the shadows. Unknown by the regular humans, there are uncounted other worlds with different races and legendary creatures. Futuristic folks could exist too.

The Chronicles tell the history of the beings that know of these worlds and are also traveling between them.


Have fun reading and I would love to hear your feedback.


Book 1: Everything has a Beginning

Book 3: Raw-Material

Book 3: Raw-Material